Zeeland Cruise Port

The Port of Zeeland is located on the Western Scheldt estuary, between Rotterdam and Antwerp, and has an open connection to the North Sea. The port itself is made up of the port of Vlissingen, located on the northern shore of the estuary, and the port of Terneuzen on the southern side. Due to its strategic position, this port is one of the most ideally situated harbors in northwestern Europe. A wide variety of full and half-day shore excursions starting from the port where cruise ships are accommodated are possible. All locations are within an hour’s drive of the port.


Discover Zeeland 

Zeeland, a province of the Netherlands, is situated on the North Sea coast in the far southwest of the country. Two mighty estuaries transect it: the Eastern Scheldt (in Dutch Oosterschelde) and the Western Scheldt (in Dutch Westerschelde). The province is made up of water, islands and peninsulas. Zeeland’s open, panoramic scenery is impressive. The countryside is made up largely of farmland and wetlands. Small towns and villages, many of them historic and scattered across the countryside, form the characteristic landscape.



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