Activities in Zeeland


AMZ Tour Operator


Touring coach company AMZ Borssele is a long-established trusted business for excursions and group travel. We have built up considerable knowledge and experience in looking after regional and international travel over 95 years.

As a family business, we have opted to continue investing in the future. This has resulted in a modern and well-equipped company with more than 80 employees. Our technical department in particular has grown in such a manner that they provide services such as air-conditioning maintenance, inspections and damage repairs to third parties under the flag De Muynck Techniek.

With all of this technology available to us, we can ensure a modern and well-maintained fleet of more than 50 tour coaches to seat 16 to 82 travellers. Our coaches are environmentally-friendly and are provided with every amenity. These amenities include a toilet, air-conditioning, DVD sound system and USB charging points at every seat.

Our drivers are all professionals and speak English and German. They understand their jobs, are well trained and know the roads of Zeeland very well. Our travel advisors are happy to help you put together an itinerary.

Should you choose from one of our set packages, for example, please do not hesitate to ask about extra options or other alternatives. Our travel advisors are happy to help you.

If you are still in doubt about the quality of our services, let us reassure you: We have been in possession of the Coach Travel Certificate of Quality since 1994, which was supplemented with ISO 9001 in 2015. Our company’s strong focus lies on the provision of a good product and following through on our promises, at an honest and fair price, of course. ‘Gin cent tevee’, meaning ‘not a penny too much’ is almost a proverb here in Zeeland.

In short, we are happy to bring you to the most beautiful places in Zeeland, and you are guaranteed a comfortable, safe and punctual journey.

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World famous Delta Works/ Neeltje Jans


Neeltje Jans Delta Park is located at the foot of the largest storm surge barrier in the world. What is the story behind this immense structure? Who has never heard of Neeltje Jans, the beacon at the mouth of the Oosterschelde estuary? This is the symbol of the Dutch battle with the sea, and the pride of Dutch hydraulic engineers.  

Group visit to Neeltje Jans Delta Park

Start your visit to Neeltje Jans Delta Park in a specially reserved cinema, with an introduction to the Flood Barrier from an expert. We will then show you an interesting film about the construction of the Oosterschelde Barrier and bring you on a visit to the Delta Experience, the impressive reconstruction of that catastrophic night. Here, you can experience the historic background of the Dutch battle against the water in an innovative, accessible and lively manner. The Delta Experience is an impressive 3D animation in a panorama that allows the visitor to experience the devastating power of the water. It is the story of the great post-war natural disaster in the Netherlands. The visitor is given an impression of what happened in Zeeland on the night of 31 January 1953, a historic event of which there are no images. See and experience how the waves of the North Sea washed away parts of the Netherlands. When the storm dies down, a waterfall of archived images appears. You see the damage caused by the flooding, but also the subsequent rebuilding of Zeeland and construction of the Delta Works. This educational presentation warns the visitor about the threat of water: will the Delta Works still be able to protect us in the future? After this, you can go and experience everything first hand during a guided tour in your own language through the inner works of the Flood Barrier. All this in just 2-2.5 hours!

Do you have more time? This visit can be extended with a boat trip of approx. 1 hour through the Oosterschelde National Park, a visit to the Blue Reef Zeeland, or with a typical Zeeland lunch, or tea/coffee with a bolus, or bun.


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Roosevelt/Huys van Roosevelt Centre


The ancestors of former American Presidents, Theodore and Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his wife and second cousin Eleanor Roosevelt were from the Zeeland village of Oud-Vossemeer. Many guests from the Netherlands and other countries are interested in the fascinating history of these former world leaders. In Oud-Vossemeer, the proud Village of Roosevelt, a complete Centre has been developed, where all of the sections tell some of the family history in their own way. Visitors go on a journey of discovery back in time under the supervision of an international guide. The places you visit include the location where the ancestors of Theodore, Franklin Delano and Eleanor Roosevelt once lived, with the Roosevelt Museum, the Four Freedoms monument, and several other interesting sites.  The guided tour starts with a reception and short presentation about Roosevelt and

 Oud-Vossemeer in the Huys van Roosevelt restaurant. At the end, you have the option of returning there to finish your visit with a special Roosevelt beer and if you like, a (light) lunch, where you can sample various regional products. You also have the option to purchase souvenirs unique to the Oud-Vossemeer Roosevelt Centre. You can decide for yourself how you wish to visit the Village of Roosevelt.  One thing is for certain: if you are in Zeeland, you cannot miss this very special experience.


This package is for 2 hours, and with lunch, 3 hours.


A visit to the Roosevelt Oud-Vossemeer Centre can be easily combined with a visit to the port city of Vlissingen or the historic town of Veere, for example.

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Zierikzee Municipal Museum


The Municipal Museum is housed in the former town hall of the city of Zierikzee, which tells the city's story and that of its environs in a surprising and innovative manner. Zierikzee was the base for intensive trade in salt and madder dye throughout Europe. The city was once the pride and joy of Schouwen-Duiveland. The building and collection display the wealth of this former harbour city. Model ships, old maps, archaeological discoveries, silver items, paintings and curiosa show how this island developed over the centuries.

A visit to this 450-year-old monument is an experience in its own right. This building was the beating heart of the old city of Zierikzee. Not only was it the seat of the municipal government, it was also the seat of the court of law, the district water board, the ‘vleeshal’ or meat market, and the weigh house. One of the special things about the building is the oak attic construction and the period rooms. The modern exhibition spaces are where the top pieces from the municipal collection are brought together to tell the story of the city, the land and the water.

You are very welcome. The museum is open to individual visitors, but we can also organise a guided tour for you, also in combination with a visit to the Gravensteen, the oldest prison in Zeeland. This is Zierikzee’s best-kept secret. Present this cruise ticket for a free cup of coffee per person.

Programme length: 30 minutes to 1 hour. Depending on your interest, the programme can be extended. Gravensteen Prison is only accessible as part of guided tour of 30-45 minutes.

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Veere is exceptionally pretty. This little town located beside Veere Lake and surrounded by water and greenery is a hidden gem. Veere exudes history, and the stately warehouses along the Quay, the delightful Market Square and imposing Grote Kerk with a spire that dominates the skyline make for an unforgettable visit. Veere is more.


Sea and river cruise passengers can enjoy 4 different experiences on one day in Veere:banner5

  • The city's history
  • Culture: Veere Museum, the city's Grote Kerk (cathedral), Walchers Costuum Foundation
  • Shopping in the city
  • Culinary delights

For sea cruises, the following programme applies: Departure from Vlissingen – Veere – Return to Vlissingen

For the river cruises that dock in Veere, the following programme applies: Visit to Veere

For sea cruises, the following programme applies:

Departure from Vlissingen – Veere – Return to Vlissingen-Oost


Example package:

08:15 am Depart by bus from Vlissingen-Oost to Veere

08:45 am Arrive in Veere, the tour guide receives the group at the bus park (max 25 persons per guide)

In collaboration with Het Walchers Costuum, the tourists are received with “extras” in local Zeeland costumes. These extras will be present in Veere and remain close to the group of cruise tourists for the entire day, at their arrival by bus, when the tour is finished, at the Museum, the Market / Quay / Harbour /Tower wall areas. Photography is permitted.

09:00 am Grote Kerk Veere, reception with coffee and a bolus - in total 20 minutes in the Grote Kerk.

Currently this part has not been discussed with the new organisation within the Grote Kerk. Our idea is that the tour guide brings the people through the church. They are given coffee and a bolus as part of the package. This is a short visit to the church. Later in the day, anyone who is interested can spend more time in the Grote Kerk in Veere (outside of the package) during the “free time”.

09:25 am City walk, accompanied by a professional tour guide - total 55 minutes.

From the Grote Kerk, Cistern, Maurits ramparts, Tower Wall, Campveerse Tower, harbour, Bastion, Stenen Beer, back to the Town Hall / Court of Justice.

The guide concludes the walk at the Veere Museum - Town Hall. Also gives a short, guided tour inside the Museum. After this, the tourist can visit the Scottish Houses without a guide and explore this wonderful museum of the history of Veere, regional clothing and other exhibitions with an English-language audio guide.

10:20 Free time: Explore Veere as you wish, do some shopping or take another look at the museum / Grote Kerk

  • Visit the Scottish Houses (40 minutes)
  • Visitors are given an attractive leaflet with a map: shops, restaurants, walking routes.


11:50 Culinary Experience: lunch in various restaurants in Veere – in total 1 hour and 10 minutes

Veere has a variety of good restaurants with different price ranges. Tourists can eat lunch at a restaurant of their choice. A leaflet with an overview is being made.

This attractive leaflet will include participating restaurants with culinary experience. Depending on the season, they will serve oysters, Oosterschelde lobster, mussels, seafood and other local specialities such as bolus buns. Restaurant charges are not included in the package.


1:00 pm Return to Vlissingen-Oost

1:30 pm First group back at the ship / 14:30 Last group back at the ship

The programme will run with several buses, which will operate every fifteen minutes on schedule.

  • 8:15 : departure of bus 1 13:00 – return to ship
  • 08:35 : departure of bus 2 13:20 – return to ship
  • 08:55 : departure of bus 3 13:40 – return to ship
  • 09:15 : departure of bus 4 14:00 – return to ship


Duration of this package 4.5 hours

  • includes guided tour / city walk
  • includes reception with coffee / bolus in Grote Kerk in Veere
  • includes admission to Veere Museum
  • includes leaflet on culinary and shopping experience


A visit to Veere is easily combined with a visit to Neeltje Jans, where the subjects “flooding’ / “delta works” are central. This is a separate package offered by Neeltje Jans.

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VOC Vlissingen



Located at the mouth of the Westerschelde estuary, Vlissingen is a city with a maritime past and present, tough and stalwart, with the occasional raw edge. This is a city of work, which you can see, but at the time it’s a great city for relaxation.

Enjoy fresh North Sea air on the longest sea promenade in the Netherlands, where you can almost touch the passing ships!


There's also a magnificent view from the Crow’s Nest, which is part of the Arsenal. This maritime attraction is all about pirates and sea creatures and is ideal for an educational visit for the whole family.


There's plenty to see and do on the boulevards.  On one side, you get to meet our maritime hero Michiel Adriaenszoon de Ruyter face-to-face, while on the other, you can hear the sounds of the wind organ. In the middle, outdoor cafés, hotels and restaurants provide all the relaxation you need. And there are still the (city) beaches where you can take a walk, relax in the sun, or just chill.


The old city with Sint Jacobskerk (Church of St James) as its focal point is located behind the southern boulevards.

In order to become better acquainted with Vlissingen and the maritime history of Zeeland, a visit to the MuZEEum is highly recommended. One of the MuZEEum locations is the Lampsinshuis, and unique to the Lampsinshuis is the lookout tower. This was where 17th century ship owner Cornelis Lampsins would watch his ships leave and return.

Today you can still enjoy a wonderful view of the sea. The former residence of "captain" Michiel de Ruyter; is located behind the Lampsinshuis at Nieuwstraat 13. Above the entrance, "De Gecroonde Liefde" (Crowned Love) is painted, named after one of De Ruyter’s ships.


Vlissingen is an important fishing base, and evidence of this can be sampled at many of the city's restaurants.


Take time to explore this wonderful city by the sea!

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Flood Museum


During the great flood of 01 February 1953, large areas of the south-western Netherlands were under water. Almost 100 dykes were breached, which cost 1836 people their lives, and 200,000 hectares of land were flooded, thousands of animals drowned and many houses and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

 That was then. Since then, much has been done to make the Netherlands safe, but floods can still occur. The story of this event can now be seen in the Flood Museum: the ‘National Knowledge and Commemorative Centre of the Great Flood of 1953’.

 The Flood Museum is housed in the huge Caissons that were used for closing off the last hole in the dyke at Ouwekerk, after the disastrous flood. The museum is located in the exceptional Krekengebied, or Fenland area, that was formed by the disaster.


Each caisson has its own theme. In the first caisson, you learn what actually happened during the event. In the second caisson, the personal stories and emotions are central. Then you learn about how the region was rebuilt, and the dangers and challenges the future brings. The risk of further flooding continues to be an issue. You can experience what it is like when your house is flooded in the Flood Museum. What is the best thing to do in a situation like this? Take your mobile phone with you into the attic? Or do you opt for tinned food instead? In the last caisson, you learn about water management and everything this entails. This is where the link between the 1953 disaster and water management today is established. Water awareness plays an important role in this.

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Zeeland Cruise Port


The core activity of Zeeland Cruise Port B.V. is the construction of small to medium-sized luxury cruise ships in Zeeland harbours. The harbours of Zeeland have much to offer both shipyards and tourists, such as:

  • An open connection close to the most important North Sea sailing routes, without locks.
  • A warm welcome at the quayside;
  • Good direct connections with public transport;
  • An international airport less than 90 minutes away;
  • An attractive location with more options for excursions within 30 minutes of the quay:

gastronomy and culture in a trust environment located in Zeeland, the province with the most beautiful beaches and hours of sunshine in the Netherlands;


Because of its strategic location, Vlissingen harbour is an ideally located harbour in north-western Europe, and provides inexpensive, customised day excursions, with morning, afternoon and day packages.

Zeeland Cruise Port is in the heart of Zeeland and is an unforgettable exclusive experience.


Discover Europe’s hidden gem: With rich historic value and easy access to different destinations, the Cruise Port of Zeeland is the ideal choice for spectacular cruises.

Enjoy the authentic mix of historic towns and cities, dynamic water works, culinary tours-de-force and an impressive landscape. Zeeland, the most westerly province of the Netherlands, is very special. The fascinating culture of Zeeland, and the authentic picturesque villages ensure an impressive panoramic landscape.

Flavour in the culinary field. Zeeland is known for its fresh products such as fish, lobster, oysters, mussels, marsh samphire and lavender, supplied daily by the province’s own fleet.

Experience the most beautiful province of the Netherlands with a mix of historic cities and towns, dynamic waterworks and interesting landscapes. For tourists, Zeeland offers hospitality, beautiful natural amenities, historical museums.


Province of Zeeland, the blue and green region with the golden edge!

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Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg


Welcome to the Zeeuws Museum

The Zeeuws Museum is located in the historic town centre of Middelburg. In this former abbey, explore the qualities you would not expect to find in the province: from archaeological discoveries and world-famous wall carpets to regional clothing, porcelain and exotic objects brought back from distant corners of the world by great Zeeland explorers. This varied collection is central to the innovative exhibitions which continue to relate to the here and now. During your visit, don’t forget to try the fresh regional products in our museum café and to check out the museum shop with original gifts from Zeeland.


This is Zeeland

The heart of the museums is the brand-new presentation This is Zeeland. How do you tell the story of Zeeland in a factual yet appealing manner with such a diverse collection? With resorting to chronology or convention, the exhibition brings together many perspectives to the culture and history of the province. Hundreds of pieces from the collection tell a story of the people of Zeeland through the centuries. Naturally this story includes prestigious works such as Gebed voor de maaltijd (Grace before the meal) by Jan Toorop, Blauwe Boom met golvende lijnen (Blue tree with wavy lines) by Piet Mondriaan and the famous Zeeland wall carpets, as well as contemporary art.



The Zeeuws Museum exhibition X Das Leben am Haverkamp will take place from 17 February. With the help of dozens of visitors to the Zeeuws Museum’s collection of regional costumes, this young and successful fashion collection into a completely new and contemporary collection. Do you recognise the original?


Varying exhibitions and Cabinets of Curiosities

The various surprising and mainly contemporary exhibitions always have some kind of link with the collection and Zeeland. And the Cabinets of Curiosities, located in the rafters, should not be missed. In three large wooden transport containers are cabinets set up to look like the historic Wunderkammer. Each cabinet forms a miniature world. The display cases are full (about 800 objects in total) of the most diverse objects from Zeeland and more exotic locations.

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